Something Blue

Today being the first day of Spring symbolizes the start of longer days, warmer weather (we hope), flowers soon to blossom, and the start of wedding season.  

Wedding season brings a lot of events for the bride-to-be and her entourage.  In my four years of owning BTHB, brides are always looking for white to wear to these events.  Yes, white looks beautiful and is suitable for the events, but this wedding season why not try something new.

 Be inspired by the old tradition, 'Something Blue'.  Instead of wearing white to a wedding shower, wear blue! It is suppose to bring good luck!  #SomethingBlue  

I've heard from friends that once they were married all the white outfits they invested money into just hung in their closet because it is still frowned upon to wear white to a wedding shower or wedding when you are not the bride.  Therefore why not invest into outfits you could wear again after your big day.  

Also, why is it on trend for the bride-to-be to wear white and her squad wear black at the bachelorette party.  It looks like the bride-to-be is being mourned, not celebrated. Instead of looking like you are attending a funeral, be the bride-to-be's good luck charms and wear 'Something Blue'.  #SomethingBlueSquad