The Importance Of Ladies Night

I know I am not the only one who feels that being social in the winter is torture.  It is so easy to hibernate in your PJs.  Everyone has such hectic schedules that unless we make an effort to see our friends it sadly doesn't happen.  Especially now a days with texting and social media we are more aware of what is going on in our friends lives because we all text and post daily.  We don't feel out of touch with one another therefore lack the need to arrange a ladies get together.  I think technology is having a negative impact on our society.  We are loosing face-to-face communication and the need to sit down with friends to discuss what is going on in their lives as well as our own.  So, thank you to two of my best girlfriends who planned an epic night out in an effort to get all of us ladies out of the house and spend quality time together. 

Ladies Night started at Dirty Nellys.  If you haven't been since they did the renos you definitely should go.  The place looks amazing and there is ample amount of seating now. We had an amazing waitress, who remembered 13 of our names and even helped out a friend who needed a Tampon! Now that is service! 

I don't really drink alcohol, but I do love fountain pop! So, I was pleasantly surprised when it came time to pay our bills and I was informed that Dirty Nellys does not charge for Pop as their way of supporting Designated Drivers. I thought this was amazing, and wish more bars around Halifax did this.  

Bathroom Selfie @ Dirty Nellys! 

Bathroom Selfie @ Dirty Nellys! 

Our next stop was Lot Six! The hostess wasn't the friendliest on our arrival and without actually saying it, told us to go away.  We felt discouraged and as we were starting to head out the door this waiter basically road up on his white horse and saved the day!  We called him Prince Charming!  All my ladies enjoyed their fancy cocktails, and the bartender even made mocktails (a cocktail without alcohol) for those of us who were not drinking so we could feel fancy too! 

 I love the atmosphere at Lot Six!  I've been a few times and I really enjoy that you can actually have a conversation with people at your table without fighting to be heard over the loud music!  

Our amazing Table @ Lot Six courtesy of Prince Charming! 

Our amazing Table @ Lot Six courtesy of Prince Charming! 

Ladies Night isn't complete until you end up on a DFloor busting moves and being inappropriate!  Boomers was our first choice, however by the time we showed up there was a lineup. (Side Note: I see that it is still 'cool' to go to the bar without a jacket when you're 19).  We lasted roughly 20 minutes (which felt like 5 hours) in the -25 temperature then decided to cross the street and go to Cheers, which ended up with us at the Sky Bar at The Dome! 


Honestly, we didn't care where we ended up as long as we were all together! That is what Ladies Night is all about, spending time with your Ladies, even if it is at the Sky Bar! 

So, stop wasting time reading my blog and get planning your next Ladies Night! 

Courtney Jones