But Now I Have To Live With A Boy

Last night my Boyfriend and I moved into our new home. Yes, very exciting, however I didn't feel excited, rather I felt overwhelmed and wrecked our first night together in the new home by crying uncontrollably for most of it.  Now, obviously I am thinking there is something wrong with me, BUT the more I talk to my friends I realize I am not alone in feeling this way. I am human and NOT a wacko-jacko and this made me want to share the sadness/overwhelming feeling I felt.  

I think as woman we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make a house a home, and that isn't going to happen overnight! It will take time, and that is okay! I also think social media doesn't help with the pressure we all feel to appear as though we have the perfect life, and our shit together.  A photo can be filtered to look perfect, but life isn't always perfect!  Life doesn't come with filters to erase the sad/overwhelming moments.  So please remember that when you are on social media. 

There are going to to be times we wreck those special moments and that is okay.  We are only human! xoxo 

Courtney Jones