Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. (BTHB) Brick & Mortar opened November 29th, 2012. It is owned by a Teacher turned Entrepreneur, who grew up in Bedford, named Courtney Jones. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Shopping at BTHB’s Brick & Mortar Location and meeting Courtney as of yet, its about time to introduce you to her and share the story behind her career change to follow her dreams.

After a year of Teaching in Hall Beach, Nunavut; Courtney – founder of Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. – felt she could achieve success in any adventure she undertook. Teaching brought Courtney great joy but she always dreamed of opening up her own boutique. “It was a hard decision to leave a career that made me so happy but how could I encourage my students to follow their dreams, if I was not following my own,” says Courtney. In only four months Courtney took a dream and made it into a reality- Better Than Her Boutique Ltd.

The ambiance of Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. (BTHB) is to offer the ladies of Halifax, and now the Worldwide Web unique affordable clothing, and accessories for a mixture of occasions. “Fashion is always changing and I wanted to add a new dynamic to the boutiques currently in Halifax, and Online Stores by offering affordable, unique items to keep us fashion savvy Ladies up to par ” Says Courtney. BTHB will have a fast turnaround of inventory, offering new apparel and jewelry on a weekly basis.

Courtney knew that when she came up with the name Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. she would be asked the meaning behind it, or risk being misinterpreted as an individual. During the year in the Canadian Arctic gave her a new appreciation for the wildlife that calls the North their home. An Elder once shared with her that amongst all species of deer, Caribou are the only females that grow antlers. Their antlers are used to protect themselves and their young, to forage for food in the deep snow and to impress and win mates! Female Caribou surpass all other female Cervidae (deer species). Simply put, they are “Better Than Her.”

BTHB opened the Brick & Mortar Location on November 29th, 2012 and Launched the Online Store on September 18th, 2014.  BTHB recently expanded allowing for more inventory and addition of a Maternity Line from Poland.  

Make sure to follow BTHB on Social Media to stay up to date on New Arrivals, and Announcements, @betterthanher_boutique on Instagram, @bth_boutique on Twitter, and on Facebook.