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  • Meet Maggie

    For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Maggie at the Better Than Her Boutique store front, let me introduce you. Maggie is my Dog, who has turned into BTHB’s store mascot, some may say. She is a Mystery Rescue Dog because I do not know her breed or age.  All I […]

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  • Interview with BTHB

    Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. (BTHB) store front opened November 29th, 2012. It is owned by a Teacher turned Entrepreneur, who grew up in Bedford, named Courtney Jones. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Shopping at BTHB’s store front and meeting Courtney as of yet, than let me introduce you to her and share the story behind […]

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  • BTHB Style Guide

    In this week’s BTHB Style Guide I’m going to help you crack the code to this awkward time of year for Fashion with one word…Layers! Layers will be your new best friend. We are at that awkward point in Fashion where we are between Seasons. Technically it is summer until September 22nd, however Mother Nature […]

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