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  • My New Gold Cup

    Earlier this week I dropped my 24oz Cold Cup from Starbucks to its death, the crime scene wasn’t pretty!  I have a bad habit of attempting to carry too much at once, it has ended badly before but this time I ‘killed’ my only travel cup large enough to fit a whole Lemon in it […]

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  • Mix & Match Love Affair

    BTHB’s new Style Love Affair is Mix & Matching colors, and sometimes throwing in the odd Polka Dot Pattern!  The goal of my Mix & Match madness is to dress like when you were young and your Mother gave you permission to dress yourself.  There were no ‘color rules’ you just wore whatever made you […]

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  • Welcome To New York

    The Empire State Building can be seen in the Background as I stand in line to receive my Buyers Badge to gain access into the BJI Fashion Group Trade/Buying Show.  In that moment I felt honored to be given the opportunity to attend and represent Better Than Her Boutique Ltd. networking with new Designers and […]

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